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Our philosophy is that no one knows what to do in every situation, and there often isn’t a single best answer to any given problem. In the moment, well-meaning people can make decisions that don’t reflect their values if they haven’t considered such situations before. We facilitate that consideration so that when our colleagues find themselves in difficult situations, they already know how they’d like to proceed.



The first step in solving a problem is to call it by its proper name. But soon after naming, the problem often changes, and it becomes apparent that understanding the problems that face you is an ongoing process. To this end, we work with other members of the UNC biology department to help develop surveys to understand the problems within our own department, because without understanding there can be no solution.


Policy Advocacy

Once you know something about the problem that faces you, you ought to do something about it. We work with faculty partners to advocate for departmental policies that benefit us all.