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Below are the documents we’ve used to lead our own workshops here at UNC. We hope they’re of use to anyone looking to lead their own workshops at their home institution or just looking to educate themselves. Of course, these documents are really just general guides to what we’ve covered, and the primary benefits of any workshop are the conversations it facilitates. Regardless, we hope you find these documents a useful starting point and reference.


2019 Symposium: Unconscious Bias and Active Inclusivity (1 hour)

2019 Symposium Handout

2019 Symposium Workshop


2019 faculty meeting: Unconscious Bias (15 minutes)

Pre-reading – Unconscious Bias

Handout – Unconscious Bias

Instructor Guide – Unconscious Bias


2020 faculty meeting: Active Inclusivity (15 minutes)

Pre-Reading – Active Inclusivity

Handout – Active Inclusivity

Instructor Guide – Active Inclusivity